2019 Toyota Camry Vs 2019 Honda Accord : Which Is Better?

Car Comparison – Here they are, the two most well-known automobiles in the United States of America: the 2018 Ford Conform and the 2018.5 Chevy Camry. The Chevy outsells the Ford, and the Camry is also more likely to be found in an airport rental car lot than the Conform, but you just want to know which one of these 4-door midsize family cars is better. We’re going to help you decide, but first let’s take a look at what’s changed for these automobiles in 2018.

2018 Ford Accord

Honda added an Conform Multiple and an Conform Plug-In Multiple to the collection for 2018, the former ranked to get 50 mpg and the latter coming back 115 mpge. Otherwise, aside from new seat material in the base LX design, the Conform Automobile is the same following a complete upgrade in 2013.

2018.5 Chevy Camry

Notice the half-year status for the Camry? That’s because Chevy made changes developed to enhance the car’s crash-test performance, effective with designs designed after Dec 2013. Chevy also extended the well-known SE cut stage to include new SE Game and SE Multiple editions.


Based mainly on owner problems about the Accord’s new touchscreen display screen sound program, Customer Reviews says that the Ford is expected to offer regular stability at best. Relatively, a new Camry is expected to offer regular stability at most severe, with the Camry Multiple design receiving the biggest possible stability forecast.

J.D. Energy information shows a restrict to the Accord’s top quality ranking with the 2013 upgrade but forecasts, in accordance with the strength of the car’s traditional reliability, that the Ford will return better than regular stability eventually. The Camry suits the Accord’s expected stability ranking from J.D. Energy but gets a significantly greater prize for top quality.

Based on the available information from Customer Reviews and J.D. Energy, the stability success goes to the 2018.5 Chevy Camry.

Fuel Economy

The tale changes when it comes to gas mileage. Most editions of the 2018 Ford Conform are sold with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder motor combined with an available consistently varying transmitting (CVT) that changes the conventional 6-speed guide gear box in the LX, Game and EX designs. The CVT comes conventional in the Conform EX-L design. In mixed generating, the 4-cylinder motor profits between 28 mpg and 30 mpg, with the CVT showing to be the most fuel-efficient transmitting.

Additionally, the Accord’s 3.5-liter V6 motor, optionally available for the EX-L design and conventional for the Traveling design, functions Variable Cyndrical tube Control (VCM) technological innovation. The VCM program turns down motor tubes to preserve energy when the car is visiting on the road. The outcome is 26 mpg in mixed generating.

Honda also provides the 2018 Conform Multiple, prepared with a innovative gas-electric hybrid powertrain with electric-only, hybrid and gas-only generating ways. The gas mileage ranking is 47 mpg in mixed generating, nearly related the Chevy Prius, which is currently the most fuel-efficient hybrid design on the market, and easily eclipsing the 2018.5 Chevy Camry Multiple, which gets between 40 mpg and 41 mpg based on the selected cut levels.

If that’s not good enough, the Ford Conform Plug-In Multiple edition is developed to travel 10 kilometers on power before changing over to traditional hybrid function. It takes three hours to renew the car using a conventional household store.

Toyota’s powertrain promotions are not as innovative as those set up in the Ford. The conventional 2.5-liter 4-cylinder motor is less highly effective and less energy effective, coming back 28 mpg in mixed generating with its conventional 6-speed automated gear box. In the same way, the Camry’s optionally available 3.5-liter V6 is ranked to create less power and to get reduced gas mileage than the Conform, with the Ecological Security Agency calculating 25 mpg in mixed generating.

The biggest distinction, however, is the difference between the two gas-electric hybrid designs. Not only is the Camry Hybrid’s powertrain less innovative and just hardly more highly effective, but it profits no more than 41 mpg in mixed generating, well short of the Accord’s ranking.

With this information as proof, we give the nod for excellent energy performance to the 2018 Ford Conform.


When it comes to crashworthiness, the 2018 Conform and 2018.5 edition of the Camry are well printed, with the Chevy performing a little bit better in National Highway Traffic Security Management examining and the Conform showing a little bit more secure in Insurance Institution for Highway Security (IIHS) examining. The real distinction is that the Conform EX-L and Traveling designs be eligible for a a Top Security Pick+ status this season, thanks to their conventional ahead accident caution program, whereas the Camry does not because it provides no crash-avoidance techniques.

It is worth noting that only the 2018.5 Camry designs, designed after Dec of 2013, be eligible for a a Top Security Choose ranking from the IIHS. Prior to Jan of 2018, the Camry’s small overlap frontal-impact crash-test outcome is Poor.

Another distinction between the two designs is that the Conform LX includes an expanded-view motorist’s side reflection that allows the car owner to see automobiles in the left sightless identify, a single-angle treating digicam and hands-free text messages capability. The Conform and Camry take different techniques with their available sightless identify tracking techniques. The Camry is available with Security Link solutions such as Automatic Collision Notice, whereas the Accord’s available HondaLink solutions don’t offer this feature just yet. Accords can, however, be fixed with a road leaving caution program, a ahead accident caution program and a multi-angle spectacular perspective treating digicam — all items that are not available for the Camry.

Toyota certainly should get identification for making mid-year improvements developed to enhance accident protection, but the Conform remains the more secure choice when considering crash-test performance and available safety technological innovation.


The Honda’s consistently varying transmitting and Variable Cyndrical tube Control techniques, its innovative gas-electric and plug-in hybrid powertrains, and its conventional and available precautionary functions tip the machines in the Accord’s benefit when it comes to technological innovation.

The only advantages in the Chevy Camry’s line are a conventional 6.1-inch touchscreen display screen sound program (which, based on how you feel about such factors, could actually signify a demerit), more extensive smart phone coupling and programs technological innovation, and its Security Link solutions program.


According to ALG, both the Conform and the Camry receive a 5-star ranking for their ability to hold their value eventually, and both get the biggest possible ranking from Customer Reviews for sum total of possession. Tag costs is about the same, though the Camry Multiple is less costly — appropriately so given its less innovative technological innovation and reduced gas mileage scores. Rental rates for the Conform are a little bit more positive but not enough to create a big distinction, and the Camry’s 100 % free planned servicing for the first two years or 25,000 kilometers of possession allows to balanced out partially greater payments.

At this point, you might determine that the Conform and Camry are equally printed with regards to value. They aren’t. Chevy is more competitive with discount rates and other rewards, effectively forcing prices down by 100’s of dollars. Plus, it is offered in a reduced Camry L cut stage, while the least costly Conform is a more highly designed LX design. Therefore, the Camry symbolizes a better value than the Conform — but by the least of edges, because the Accord’s excellent gas mileage does deteriorate the value of the Toyota’s extra discount rates.

AutoTrader’s Advice

The two best-selling automobiles in The united states are, generally, well printed with regards to benefits and drawbacks. Selecting one over the other is, quite basically, a matter of choice and main concerns. For the reasons of this competition, however, we name the 2018 Conform the better vehicle when it comes to the factors that most customers claim are most essential when selecting a new car.

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