Salmon Recipes Times Two – One With a Layer of Pesto, One For Lunch

Recipe Number 1.

Entire Oven prepared Salmon With Pesto And pine nuts. This Recipe is for ten servings – change as needs be to what number of that will eat – and takes 30 minutes.

Ingredients, are the accompanying:

  • 900 gram salmon
  • 0.5 teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons pesto
  • 0.75 creme fraiche
  • 70 gram pine nuts

This is the manner by which this dish is made:

  1. Put the stove on 180 Degrees Celsius. Cook the nuts in a dry teflon-type fry-dish. Put the salmon filets, skin down, in an ovenproof dish. Salt softly.
  2. Blend pesto and creme fraiche. Taste with salt and pepper, and pour the blend onto the salmon. Fry in the stove for around 15 minutes – until the center of the fish is pink; 25 minutes on the off chance that you need to altogether sear it. Pour the pine nuts over.

Recipe Number 2.

Salmon Pie For The Lunch Box

Ingredients for the pie shell:

  • 2.5 dinkel flour
  • 100 gram margarine
  • 100 gram curds

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 200gram smoked salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • 2dl cream for cooking (what is the correct word?)
  • dill
  • 1.5 Shredded non-fat cheddar

This is the manner by which you do the pie shell:

  1. Hack the Ingredients for the pie batter, and press them out in the structure. Put in the ice chest for about 60 minutes.
  2. Put the stove on 200 Degrees Celsius. Heat the pie batter for 15 minutes, and let chill off.
  3. You do the filling along these lines: Cut the salmon into little pieces, slash the dill. Allot, for absence of a superior word, the salmon pieces and dill over the pie shell.
  4. Mix eggs, cream and cheddar. pour this over the salmon and prepare in the broiler for around 25 minutes.
  5. Stop in serving size chomps.
  6. Present with vegetables and mixed drink tomatoes.